Writing & Conferences


International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts. March 2021. Panel: “Dark Forests of the Imagination: Fairy Tales and Ecological Thinking” (with Theodora Goss, Brittany Warman, and Sara Cleto).

Project Narrative Summer Institute, 2020, “Narrative, Medicine, and Disability.”

Conference on the Teaching of Writing (CTW). March 2020. Presentation: Writing Anxiety in the Classroom. [Cancelled.]

Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA). March 2019. Presentation: Making Our Own (Opportunities and OER): OER Collection Supports Collaboration and Boosts Visibility.

Innovations in Teaching and Learning. September 2017. Presentation: Is it true? Assessing Online Credibility.

Thinking with Stories in Times of Conflict: A Conference in Fairy-Tale Studies. July 2017. Paper: “Must I go, and must I do this thing”: Women Warriors, Cross-dressers, and the Need to Take up the Sword in Folklore, Fairytales, and Legend.

2016 American Folklore Society/International Society for Folk Narrative Research Joint Annual Meeting. Paper: Transitioning: Scandinavian Folktales and the Modern Transgender Experience.

ICFA 37: 2016 International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts. Paper: “She was really the man she pretended to be”: Gender Fluidity and Transgender in Folk Narratives.

Perversions: University of Maryland 2016 Graduate English Organization Conference.  Paper: The sword is (not) the only phallus I need: Cross-Dressing and Transgender in the Folk Tale, “A Change of Sex.”

IWCA 2015: International Writing Centers Association 2015 Conference.  Paper: Tutor Perceptions in an ESL Opt-In Program: Tutee Dimensions, Tutee Needs, and Tutor Needs. Co-authored with Alisa Russell.

Book Reviews

In Journal of Folklore ResearchThe Book of One Hundred Riddles of the Fairy Bellaria edited by Jack Zipes.

In Marvels & Tales (Vol. 33, Issue 1, p. 187-189) on The Complete Folktales of A. N. Afanas’ev by Jack V. Haney.

In the Future Fire on a collection of Baba Yaga re-tellings.

In Marvels & Tales (Vol. 32, No. 2, p. 472) on The Fairytale and Plot Structure by Terence Patrick Murphy.

An excellent fantasy novel by Kayla Bashe at The Future Fire. I recommend it!

In Marvels & Tales (Vol. 31, No. 1, p. 193) on a fascinating book: John Lindow’s Trolls: An Unnatural History.

Other Writing

I have a Writing Assignment prompt in the inaugural issue of the English 302 OER Collection, a peer-reviewed journal for which I was the Lead Designer.

“Baba Yaga in the Classroom,” a short essay about keeping a feminist classroom, drawing from a beloved Fairy Tale, is up on the So to Speak blog.

A short non-fiction essay about the transgender possibilities of an ancient folktale “The Shift of Sex” is up on the excellent Tiny Donkey.

My paper on a powerful and strange Danish variant of “The Shift of Sex,” presented at the 2016 American Folklore Society conference, is available here on my blog.

My thesis, an analysis of variants of a rare folk tale type, “Shift of Sex,” is available online through the website of George Mason University.  It’s a fascinating tale wherein a woman dresses as a man, is amazing, and then transforms into a man and marries a princess.  I love it!

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