My Editing Process

I’m flexible in my editing process, and I’m happy to work with you in whatever way you find is best. However, here is my standard process:

Before we agree to work together, I will ask a few questions:

  1. What type of text are we working on?
  2. Would you like me to focus on grammar, spelling, typos? Citations? Would you like me to improve clarity, flow and paragraph/sentence structure? Would you also like me to improve the strength of your arguments, the coherence of your claims?
  3. When do you need this back? Keep in mind that you will likely need at least a few days to incorporate my suggested changes or make suggested revisions.
  4. Would you like me to make changes to the document? Use the “Track Changes” function in Word? Or just make suggestions using the comment function?
  5. Are there any specific sections of the text you’d like me to focus on? Specific writing errors you tend to make?
  6. Is there anything specific your advisers want you to focus on in your revisions?

Based on the answers to your questions, I will give you a final price for the editing work.

Once we agree on the price, I will begin editing. I will likely email you with questions while I do my editing, and will let you know when I’m finished. Once I receive payment, I’ll email you the edited file. I’m happy to answer any questions you have after reading the edited file. If you’d like me to give your text a final pass before you turn it in, I’m happy to do that for you, at a reduced rate.

If you’re unhappy with something I do, or if you need more help/advice, just let me know. Editing is rarely a “one and done” kind of thing, it’s more of a back-and-forth between writer and editor, and I’m happy to work with you until you’re happy with your text!

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