I’m currently in a doctoral program in English, specializing in Writing Studies, at the University of Connecticut. I am a TA teaching First Year Writing.

Formerly, I was a member of the term faculty of George Mason University, where I taught Advanced Composition, a class for third-year students on advanced research and writing in their discipline. I’m familiar with the academic writing conventions in a variety of disciplines, including STEM, business, engineering, etc. I am a skilled and indefatigable researcher with access to a university library and thus a slew of great resources.

I have an MA in English Literature, and I’m experienced in academic writing in the Humanities–I’ve presented multiple papers at conferences over the last few years, I’ve done advanced analytical writing, and have completed several very long (40+ page) writing projects. I know MLA and APA styles like the back of my hand.

I was the Lead Designer of the GMU English 302 OER Collection, an open access, peer-reviewed journal of pedagogical texts. Lead Copy-Editor at the Journal for Mason Graduate Research, and I was the editor of my undergraduate student newspaper, Promulgates (now deceased). I worked for the GMU Writing Center, tutoring grad and undergrad student writers, and coordinated our ESL Opt-In program, a tutoring program for multi-lingual writers. I worked for GMU Writing Across the Curriculum, developing content for the program and tutoring our Writing Fellow in appropriate WPA tutoring pedagogy.

I also read and write in every free moment of my life, including academic research, analytic writing, creative non-fiction, fiction, and poetry.

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